Why the lack of time to exercise is just an excuse

I often hear from my friends that they would start to play sports, but they do not have enough time to do it. For such a confession I react with laugh, because I’m well aware that the lack of time is just an excuse. Evidence for this opinion provided me with, among others, members of my family and friends.

Before you say that you do not have time for physical activity, count how many hours you spent in the last week in front of TV and computer. Add to that the time spent with a smartphone in hand and lounging on the couch. Now try to spend at least one-third of that time to exercise.


If it turns out that in practice you can spend half an hour for a training, then select a circuit training. The most busy person I know is my friend, who is a single mother and works, and has recently launched additional studies. Although, she finds time for sport. How does she do it? She trains with his daughter.

At this point, I want to refute another myth, according to which family responsibilities interfere with physical activity. Sport can be practiced with a partner and children, which has an excellent effect on family relationships and teaches children healthy lifestyle. Sport can be practiced also on the way to work. Just change a car or bus to a bike.

Of course, no one has the obligation to be physically active. But think about it, what it is the real reason that you do not play any sport. It is not about a sincerity with other people, but an honesty with yourself.