What supplements will help you lose weight?

People who ask me for advice on weight loss, they are often surprised to find that I recommend the use of dietary supplements. They are convinced that as a passionate promoter of fitness and a healthy diet I am opposed to such preparations. I am happy to explain why this opinion is not true.

Let me start by saying that I am an advocate of the use of slimming supplements, but not formulas that are advertised as a miraculous preparations ensuring weight loss without diet and exercises. The use of “miracle” weight loss formulations can have a bad effect on health, and in the best case – they do not bring any results.

However, there are preparations, which do not replace diet and physical activity, but increase their effectiveness. I commended many people the use of supplements regulating metabolism. Slow metabolism hinders weight loss and in the case of people seeking to maintain weight, it favors the accumulation of fat. If your problem is excessive appetite, then you can turn to supplements limiting it.

Choosing natural products you do not have to worry about your health. Also noteworthy are fat burners, or dietary supplements that accelerate fat burning. Among them are preparations intended for people who have a problem with hypertension.


Of course, you can not overdo with the amount of supplements taken. If you use any drugs, the inclusion of dietary supplements should be consulted with your doctor.