Light products – why I do not eat them

Some of my friends boast about their healthy diet, and then declare that it consists, inter alia, on the consumption of light products. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest diet traps. In this article I will try to explain why I do not eat light products.

Food producers advertise light food as being dietary and healthy, yet tasty. Unfortunately, they are untrue. Light products often differ from the normal taste of the food. They also have the same consistency. As you might imagine, it would not be possible without appropriate additives.

Light mayonnaise for example, contains less fat than usual, but sugar was added thereto. In light cola sugar is often replaced by aspartame, a sweetener that is, which still raises serious doubts.

It is worth noting also yogurt light. Eliminating fat is not preferred in view of the fact that the yogurt is a valuable source of fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin D. So this meal is less valuable. But there is another problem. If we reach for light products, it often allows ourselves to eat more. We forget that light mayonnaise is still a fatten product.

Why light products enjoy such popularity? Because their producers effectively hide from consumers their compositions. This is not difficult, considering the fact that most of us do not read labels of food products, but we easily keep falling for words, like diet”, “light”, “fat free”.