What sport to choose?

Some people ask me why I think fitness is the best sport. I can not answer this question, because I do not consider it to be the best sports discipline for all. It is the best for me, and every man should choose the right sport for himself.

How to make a choice? Many trainers claim that you should be guided primarily by the effects, which you wish to achieve. I advise to focus primarily on your interests. If you choose a sport that you really like, then trainings will make you pleasure. You like to dance? Then sign up for a dance class. Interested in basketball? In that case, try to find a team with which you will be able to play matches. Are you not too much interested in any sport? Then try different disciplines. It happens that we begin to enjoy some activities, that previously seemed to us to be not very interesting.


Of course, in the case of extreme sports you should take into account your health condition. Not everyone can afford, for example, mountain climbing. Unfortunately, sometimes money is a problem. If you often play golf or dive, then you need to prepare for big expenses. Such activity can be regarded as a passion, but is better to choose a cheaper every-day-sport.

If you think that your chosen sport does not meet your expectations, you can change it. Sometimes you need to try a variety of disciplines to find that perfect one for you. But first, think about whether this is not a simple excuse, when in fact you just do not want to go for training anymore.